Brave Trailer, or ZOMG How Much Longer?

Finally after months of speculation, the trailer for Pixar's Brave has arrived. Needless to say, we are jumping with excitement right now.

Brave opens on June 22 2012.

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Ten reasons it's awesome to be a Metal Chick

1. We will never buy you socks for your birthday.

2. We are, like every other girl, easily flattered by male attention, perhaps even more so, because we’ve probably had popular, “normal” people telling us our entinre lives how ugly we are. So random drunk German men who brought me drinks and attempted to kidnap me (on three seperate occasions) at Wacken, you totally made my day.

3. Liking metal means we like other cool things as well. Every metal chick I know would prefer a good horror flick or erotic film to a romantic comedy.

4. Very rarely do we have to buy our own drinks.

5. Wearing a giant black t-shirt with a picture of satan is considered the ultimate in sexy.

6. We are surrounded by hot barbarian metal men. All the time. It is bliss.

7. We don’t care if you look at other hot chicks. We spend a large portion of every metal show staring at beautiful men (or other hot metal chicks). It’s only fair.

8. We think tickets to a Slayer concert are the best Valentine’s Day gift ever.

9. Even the roughest, angriest men in the pit will watch out for you.

10. Death metal is the only music that accurately portrays the pain or PMS and Childbirth.

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A philosophy for life

Jehnna: How do you attract a man? What I mean is, suppose you set your heart on somebody. What would you do to get him? 
Zula: Grab him! And take him! 

Why this blog? It's a lot of things. First, "Because we can" (insert lol here). Second, because we think that there is lot more to share with other girls than the name of the very last perfume on market. 

And lastly, to be honest, this is a project that was born by chance or, better, as an excuse for one of us to evade admin work and the other planning for classes. Instead, we wanted to do something that is absolutely not altruistic nor pursuing progress for mankind, but something that is simply fun.

Both writers carry on an absurd passion for Fantasy, Science Fiction, Metal and Lemon Cookies of Doom. A fact that made us wonder... Will be out there more women like us, who don't give a **** about Rihanna, and  would rather wear a chainmail instead of  fake eyelashes?

Apparently, there are. And for them girls like us, is this blog. Or not, who knows. The fact is that this will be a place to share whatever we want, regarding whatever we want. But always following a motto. That one that Zula clearly state to Jehnna in Conan the Destroyer: without messing around, no drama, no soap operas. Life is one and your goals are unique. Go for them

Grab them and take them!!!