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As you probably know by now, your fabulous geek girl hosts read pretty much anything that they can get their hands on, with emphasis on fantasy literature. The reason for this might be subject of another post. Maybe. But the thing is, we have often found that we are not alone in our quest. Phil, from the fantasy literature blog A Fantasy Reader (check it out if you haven't) has recently used the answers to his various polls to shape a fantasy reader's profile.

According to his research, the fantasy readers:

  •     like to read epigraphs at the start of a chapter
  •     are a minority who also listen to audiobooks
  •     were introduced to the genre by Tolkien's work
  •     prefer series over stand alone novels
  •     like to have maps included in their books
  •     have bought at least one book for the cover alone
  •     do not finish all the books they pick up
  •     don't read extract before reading a novel
  •     have a backlog of at least 25 to 50 books
  •     read 25 to 40 books a year
  •     like completely original but simple names for their characters
  •     read only one novel at a time
  •     don't think they should diversify their reading habits from the usual genre
  •     already read e-books and if they don't it's because of the loss of physical book feeling
  •     are not influenced by author quotes when buying a book
  •     would like to see their favorite author write a sequel instead of a new idea
  •     read the same novel more than once on occasions
  •     would mostly like to see The First Law series by Joe Abercrombie made for TV
  •     don't wait for a series to be completed to start reading it
  •     don't watch book trailers
  •     are not embarrassed of reading Fantasy publicly
  •     are also reading YA novels
  •     think that the prodigal youngsters in Fantasy are too young

I think it quite hit the spot for me. I do not listen to audiobooks, though, and I'm not really into YA, with a few exceptions. I haven't read The First Law series either, but whatever brings more fantasy to TV is fine with me. Well made, of course, not another Earthsea shipwreck.

So what do you think?

Link: Original post by Phil

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