Ta'veren Tees succeeds at awesome and gender fairness

So one day I picked up a copy of The Eye of the World. And nothing was ever the same for me. But I'm not here today to speak about Robert Jordan's epic, which will come to an end this year by the pen of Brandon Sanderson. I'm here to talk about the official T-shirt line based on the Wheel of Time series: Ta'veren Tees, and why they're awesome.

First of all, they are made by people who really care about the series. It's not like some guy slapped a log on a T-Shirt and began to sell it. The shirts are well designed and well made. Currently there are over 10 designs to choose from (which is a lot - I almost had to resort to my lucky d20 to pick one) and they're hinting at more and some other items as well (Mat's hat please, let it be Mat's hat).

I love this shirt.

But one thing got my attention: ladies sizes availability. Pretty much all of the shirts come both in men and women sizes and cuts, except for some designs that refer to gender-specific components of the story. Even so, they are balanced. That is a lot, considering that most T-Shirt shops, whether online, physical, booths outside a concert, etc. nowadays have several awesome designs for men and one or two (if any) "girlie" alternatives which are way less attractive. It is great we are being considered as an equally important part of the fandom than men.

The Light illumine you, Ta'veren Tees! Keep up the amazing work.

Link: Ta'veren Tees site

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